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10 million vaccine shots to be administered on Feb 26: Health Minister

The government has taken an initiative to administer at least 10 million Covid-19 vaccine doses on February 26 to achieve the target of vaccinating 90 percent of people in the country, said Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malik on Thursday.

To implement the initiative, the Health and Family Welfare Minister has already sat in several meetings with the officials of his ministry and the Directorate General of Health Services, said a PID handout.

The meetings expressed optimism that if 90 percent of the targeted people could be brought under the vaccination coverage, both the infection and death rates would decline .

In the meetings, a number of plans were taken to implement the fresh inoculation drive.

As per the plans, at least 10 million people from the floating communities who have not yet been vaccinated yet, will be selected in upazilas, municipalities and city’s wards, community centres or other places designated by the government, in order to bring them under the vaccination coverage.

Some 6.55 million vaccine shots will be provided in different levels on the day (February 26), including 4.14 million doses in 13,800 wards in the upazilas, 0.324 million doses in 1068 wards in the municipalities, 2.0925 million shots in 465 wards in cities.

Besides, 3.5 million vaccine doses will be given to special communities including workers in various factories, markets, restaurants, boats, launches and ships, brick kilns and other floating communities.

No vaccine registration or birth registration certificate will be required to get vaccinated against Covid on February 26.