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Essential prices go up at Kamalganj

Photo : A grocery shop at Shahidnagar Bazar in Kamalganj Upazila.

Kamalganj (Moulvibazar) Correspondent : In a week, soya bean oil, palm oil, soap, salt, rice and cylinder gas witnessed a price hike in Kamalganj Upazila of the district.

Low-income group and middle-class families are hiccupping to afford the increasing prices of essential commodities.
According to field sources, soaring prices of these goods are prevailing in upazila bazaars. But other commodities are maintaining usual prices.

While talking with this correspondent of  a number of low-earning people complained of the exorbitant price hike of the edible oil.

The increased prices of these items are puzzling consumers. Traders are supposed to hang price lists in front of their shops. But it is not maintained.

A visit was made to Bhanugachh, Munsibazar, Shaheednagar Bazar, Shamshernagar Bazar, Adampur Bazar and other retail markets on Sunday.

In kitchen markets, onion, potato, and tomato were seen selling at previous prices.

But per kg green chilli was selling at Tk 70, higher by Tk 20-30 compared to one week back, green banana (per haali-four pieces) at Tk 25-30, papaya at Tk 20-25 per kg, local cucumber at Tk 30-35 per kg, lemon (per haali) at Tk 30-40, long brinjal at Tk 30-35 per kg, bitter gourd at Tk 60 per kg, flat bean at Tk 50 per kg. These items registered a rise of Tk 7-8 per compared to last week’s prices.

In retail markets, per litre palm oil is selling at Tk 138-145, higher by Tk 5 than last week’s. Soya bean is selling at Tk 155-165 per litre, higher by Tk 7 than last week’s. Per litre mustard oil is selling at Tk 2 higher price.

Per kg sugar is selling at Tk 80, higher by Tk 2 compared with last week’s. Laundry soap is selling at Tk 32-36 per piece, higher by Tk 3 compared to last week’s. Per kg salt is selling at Tk 28-35, higher by Tk 5-6 compared to last week’s.

Besides, the retail price gas cylinder has gone up by Tk 50-80 per cylinder. Per 50-kg rice bag is selling at higher price of Tk 80-100 per bag.

One Saju Mia said, “We’ll face serious problem if prices of essentials continue to rise. Prices of edible oil, onion, rice, pulse, and others have gone up. My daily earning is Tk 300-400. This amount of money is too little to manage this situation.”

Trader Tuhin Ahmed at retail bazaar along Banugachh Bazar road said, due to the wholesale price hike of palm oil, rice, sugar, soap, and salt, their retail prices have also gone up.

Vegetable trader Alauddin Mia at Shamshernagar Bazar said, except new vegetables arriving in bazaars, all commodities are selling usually like before; and in this vegetable season, vegetable prices are within purchasing capacities of consumers.

Kamalganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer Ashekul Haq said, on behalf of the administration, bazaar monitoring is going on.