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Woman hurt as town centre wall collapses as strong winds and storm hit UK

A woman has been injured after a town centre wall collapsed on her in the high winds and storm.

The resident is being treated in Chichester Road, Southend with police and medics on the scene.

It took place near the DIS – De Italian Sausage restaurant and it’s understood the wall fell from the flats above the restaurant.

Images show the wall destroyed and covering the pavements with at least three medics on the ground caring for the woman.

Business bosses also say “several” residents have been hurt.

Southend High Street is also partly shut “due to safety reasons” and Valkyrie Road is blocked by a large tree in the storm.

Labour Southend Council leader said: “A woman has been injured after as a wall has collapsed on her in Chichester Road, Southend this afternoon and she’s being treated on the scene.

“I hope she’s doing ok and not too badly hurt.

“There is also concern over scaffolding in Southend High Street leading to it being shut for public safety. These are two separate incidents.”

A spokesman for Southend Bid said: “Essex Police’s Gold Command has advised all businesses from 207 High Street (WHSmith) to Clifftown Road to shut temporarily after the extreme weather conditions have caused harm to several members of the public today.

“BID Street Rangers and Community Safety officers have been informing businesses of this advice this afternoon, which is at the businesses’ discretion.”

Essex Police and the ambulance service have been contacted for comment.