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Jyotsna dismembered as she wanted to expose rape incident

Three accused dismembered the expatriate’s housewife into six pieces, who was gang raped by the accused inside a pharmacy in Sunamganj’s Jagannathpur upazila on Thursday, as she wanted to expose the matter to her family members, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has said.

CID special superintendent Mukta Dhar unveiled this information at a press conference held at its headquarters in Dhaka on Saturday.

On February 18, police recovered six pieces of the body of Shahnaj Parvin Jyotsna, 40, from Ovi Medical Hall in Barrister Mirza Abdul Matin Market. The victim was the wife of one Sorku Miah, an expatriate in Saudi Arabia.

Helal Uddin, brother of the deceased, filed a case with Jagannathpur Police Station in this regard on February 17.

Police have arrested three accused– Jitesh Chandra Gop, 30, Anjit Chandra Gop, 38, and Asit Chandra Gop, 38 after the incident.

Mukta Dhar in the press conference said, “Jyotsna had a good relationship with Jitesh, the owner of Ovi Medical Hall, as she often bought medicine from there. She had been suffering from a physical problem for some time. On February 16, Jitesh asked the victim to meet with him at pharmacy when he went to her house to examine blood pressure of the victim’s mother.”

The pharmacy owner asked Jyotsna to wait saying that there was pressure of customers after she went to the pharmacy in that afternoon. The victim felt discomfort when she had to wait for a longtime at night. At one stage of night, Jitesh fed the victim a sleeping pill and violated her along with Anjit and Asit when nearby shops were closed.”

The CID official sad, “When Jyotsna said that she would inform the matter to her family members then the accused firstly strangled her to death by entangling a scarf. Secondly, they chopped the deceased’s body into six pieces with the fruit cutting knife.”

Later, the accused then hid the body parts inside a box of medicines and fled the scene, she added.

The accused planned to dump the body in a nearby fish farm but they could not succeed as it was dawn already and people started to come to the market.

After this incident, several teams of CID conducted raids in different parts of the country to arrest the accused and Jitesh from Dhaka’s Nurerchala area under Bhatara Police Station on Friday.

Later, based on the information obtained from Jitesh, police arrested Anjit and Asit from Jagannathpur municipal area.