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UK records 41,130 new COVID cases, 205 deaths

There were 205 Covid-related deaths within 28 days of a positive test recorded in the UK on Tuesday.

Also, 41,130 Covid cases were recorded within the last 24 hours in the Government figures.

The latest update on Covid comes as Boris Johnson has ditched the pandemic rules across England under the Government’s living with Covid plan.

It marked the end to restrictions the UK has lived with for two years.

People who test positive for the virus will no longer legally need to self-isolate.

But Mr Johnson urged for people to take “personal responsibility” when they are ill with Covid, like they would with flu.

Despite a backlash, the Prime Minister also announced the end of free Covid tests from April 1.

Lateral flow and PCR tests are currently available free of charge but Mr Johnson urged testing and its cost must be “scaled back”.

He told MPs: “We must now scale this back.”

He said: “From today we’re removing the guidance for staff and students in most education and childcare settings to undertake twice weekly asymptomatic testing and from April 1 when winter is over and the virus will spread less easily, we will end free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public.

“We will continue to provide free symptomatic tests to the oldest age groups and those most vulnerable to Covid and in line with the practice in many other countries, we’re working with retailers to ensure that everyone who wants to can buy a test.”

Under the new plan, it was also revealed the Government will remove the Covid provisions on statutory sick pay and Employment Support Allowance on March 24.

While Mr Johnson tore up the Covid rules, he warned the pandemic was not over.

He added: “Today is not the day we can declare victory over Covid because this virus is not going away.”