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How to store cheese the right way- 5 easy tips

Who doesn’t love cheese? There is no denying that cheese improves the flavour of almost everything. From adding it to our pizza, pasta, to even making sandwiches and cheese potato shots, cheese instantly elevates everything.

Most cheese connoisseurs don’t mind eating cheese in any form or at any given time. So, it can be said without a doubt that cheese’s exquisite texture and wonderful flavour has captivated our hearts!However, the thing with cheese is that once you open it, storing it can be a task. You might have noticed that when you keep cheese just as it is in the fridge, it might get hard or even mouldy at times. So, how to prevent that? Here we bring you some easy ways and tips to store your cheese the right way!

Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Store Cheese:

1. Do Not Use Plastic Wrap

Most people believe that wrapping plastic around the cheese is easy to store. But this method can take away the flavour of your cheese. Furthermore, since cheese is primarily oil and fat, it will begin to take on the flavour of the plastic after a few days, covering the taste of the cheese itself.

2. Wrap In Paper

Wrap it in wax or parchment paper and place it in a plastic bag that is just partially sealed. The paper creates a barrier between the cheese and the plastic, while the plastic prevents the cheese from drying out.

3.The Sugar Trick

Place two regular sugar cubes in with the cheese, then close and place in the refrigerator. The sugar helps regulate the box’s environment, which keeps the cheese fresher. However, the sugar might begin to melt over time, so utilise the cheese before that happens.

4. Label It

Label your cheese with the type and date you wrapped it before storing it in the fridge. Cheese tastes best when it’s at its freshest, so ageing it helps you remember how long it’s been in there.

5. Oil It

Spread a light coat of olive, canola oil, or another vegetable oil before storing it in an airtight container in the fridge. If mould begins to grow, it will be on the oil, not the cheese. This way, your cheese still might be safe for consumption!

So, what are you waiting for? Store your cheese with these easy tips!

Source: NDTV