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Why you must never share cosmetics or makeup products

You may occasionally share your favourite lipstick with your best friend, but it is something experts warm against. “Sharing cosmetics and make-up is usually seen as a good gesture between friends, sisters, cousins, etc. but one might not realise that it can cause harm to both people,” said Rachit Gupta, CEO and MD, OxyGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd.

Below, he explains the risks:

💄Sharing eye make-up products: Eyes are one of the most sensitive and delicate features, at the same time they hold a lot of personalised bacteria. Especially for people who use contact lenses, bacteria can stick to the lenses and get trapped. Sharing things like kajal, eyeliner, mascara, etc can cause eye infection. It also puts one at risk of getting styes, pink eye, and other bacterial infections.

💄Sharing your lipstick: It is not just unhygienic to share a lipstick or lip colour, it can be a cause of transfer of virus from one person to the other. This viral infection can lead to cold sores which can stay on for a long time.

💄Acne risk: It is common knowledge that using a skin product that does not suit your skin type can lead to acne breakout, so one has to make sure that the product being used is suitable. Also, make-up products can gather bacteria. If a concealer or a foundation is left uncapped or uncovered for some time, bacteria may settle in. There is a good chance that even one time of sharing can transfer the infection and cause an acne breakout.

💄Brushes and appliers: One can never be sure of how careful the other person is while cleaning their brushes and appliers, what may look clean might not actually be that clean. There is a huge risk of getting infections by sharing brushes or appliers.

💄Make-up testers: There is a huge chance that make-up testers harbour bacteria. And, since they are handled by a lot of people they are unhygienic to use. Never apply a tester directly to your face, always use it on your hand. Avoid handling it directly with your finger, always use a disposable tool to apply it and then clean it off with cotton.

“You will prove to be a better friend if you don’t share your cosmetics and make-up,” he said.