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Over 5,700 Russian troops killed, Ukraine claims

Ukrainian military officials have claimed 5,710 Russian troops have been killed in the first five days of intense fighting in the country, reports BBC.

In a video message posted to Facebook, a spokesperson for the country’s general staff added that over 200 Russian soldiers have been taken captive by Ukrainian forces.

The official also claimed that 198 Russian tanks, 29 planes, 846 armoured vehicles and 29 helicopters have been destroyed.

The BBC cannot independently verify these claims, but the UK defence ministry believes that Moscow’s forces have suffered heavy losses during its invasion of Ukraine.

On Sunday, officials in Moscow were forced to admit that their forces had suffered casualties, after days of claiming that no Russian soldiers had been killed.

Kharkiv attack a war crime, says President Zelensky

Ukraine’s president has described the bombardment of Kharkiv, which has killed dozens of civilians, as a war crime.

Nine people, including three children, were killed on Monday after suspected Russian cluster bombs targeted residential buildings in Ukraine’s second city.

In comments made before the latest strike in central Kharkiv, Volodymyr Zelensky said there were eyewitness accounts of civilians being deliberately targeted.

“Russian forces brutally fired on Kharkiv from jet artillery,” Zelensky said during a late night address to the Ukrainian people.

“It was clearly a war crime. Peaceful city. Peaceful residential areas. No military facilities. Dozens of eyewitness records prove that this is not a single false volley, but the deliberate destruction of people. The Russians knew where they were shooting.”

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, wants to open an investigation into Russia‚Äôs invasion after he said he believed there was “reasonable basis” to believe war crimes or crimes against humanity had been committed in Ukraine.