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Make your outdoor space summer-ready with these simple decor tips

Winters are almost over, and while we wait for summers, many of us would want to redo our spaces. It is a season when, after many dull and dreary months, the energy returns and the desire to take up new projects also comes back.
According to Vipul Pirgal and Divyansh Sanklecha, the founders of Curio Casa, if you have a little outdoor space, you can make it summer ready. “The glory of a balcony, garden, or patio comes alive in the summer light. Having yourself an outdoor space any time of the year is wonderful, but more so on a warm sunny day. A little addition here, a few little shifts there and your sweet little haven is all set,” they say.

Here are some fool-proof tips and tricks, as shared by Pirgal and Sanklecha, you can put to use to seamlessly transform your outdoor space; read on.
* To begin with, get your basic furniture in place. A set of chairs or sofas made in materials like wicker, bamboo look stunning and aesthetic. You could invest in a parasol for days when the sun is strong, and if you want to unwind and lounge after a long day of work.

* A large centre table is a must, where you can get the family together and enjoy your evening tea and snacks, with a side of some fun board games.

* Ottomans come handy when you are hosting guests. They are easily movable and look adorable, while being functional.

* Flowers make everything better, and vases can beautify any space. Have giant vases with vibrant flowers set in your outdoor space. These will make the already-bright days more enchanting.

* A hammock or a swing is a fun addition. You can get busy with your favourite book, or scroll through social media, all while relaxing on a swing.
* Some fairy lights and lamps would make the place look stunning. Imagine hosting a barbeque for your friends and the whole space looks like a starry dream!

* If you have a large space, you could also have an area dedicated to kids. Kids love summers, and having a space for them to play, will be interesting.