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Gold price hiked by Tk 3,265 per bhori

The price of per bhori (11.664 grams) of 22 carat gold has been fixed at Tk 78,265 raising by Tk 3,265 in the local jewelry market.

For 21 carat gold, the price has been increased to Tk 74,766 per bhori raising by Tk 3,091.

For 18 carat gold, the price has been fixed at Tk 64,152 per bhori raising by Tk 2,333.

The new prices have been made effective from Thursday (March 3), said Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS).

BAJUS Standing Committee on Price Fixation and Price Monitoring
decided to raise the prices of gold at a meeting held on March 1.

Later, a press release signed by MA Hannan, chairman of BAJUS Standing Committee on Price Fixation and Price Monitoring was issued.

Gold can be divided into several parts on the basis of carat. Such as 24 carat, 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat etc. If you want to know about the gold of different carats, you must first know what is carat. Carat is a unit used to denote the quality or purity of gold. The higher the carat (maximum 24), the purer the gold. So let’s find out the difference between 24 carat, 22 carat and 18 carat gold.

24K = 100% pure gold.
22K = 91.7% gold.
18K = 75.0% gold.
14K = 58.3% gold.
12K = 50.0% gold.
10K = 41.7% gold.

24K Gold

Of the 24 parts of gold, 24K carats contain 100 percent gold. This means that no other metal exists in it. That is why 24 carat gold is also called 100 percent pure gold. Its color is brighter yellow than other gold. Moreover, 24 carat gold is flexible and is not used for making ordinary jewelry. In case of gold quality, there is no value more than 24 carats. This gold is usually sold in the form of coins or bars.

22K Gold

22 carat gold is the metal of which 22 parts are made of gold and the other two parts are made of copper, silver etc. Usually some amount of other metals are mixed with pure gold to make the gold last longer and heavier. Only 91.67 per cent of the 100 per cent of 22 carat gold is pure gold and 8.33 per cent other metals. Since 22 carat gold contains a little less pure gold, its price is a little less than 24 carat gold.

18K Gold

A mixture of 75% gold with 25% other metals (copper or silver) is called 18 carat gold. Since 18 carat gold contains 25 per cent of other ingredients, this gold is used to make heavy jewelry. As if the jewelry is stronger and more durable. This gold color is a little dull from 24 or 22 carat gold. The demand for 18 carat gold is high in the market of Bangladesh and more people buy it. The market price of 18 carat gold is also relatively low.