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LPG cylinder price raised by record Tk 151

The government has fixed the price of each 12 kg liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder at Tk 1,391, raising by a record of Tk 151.

According to the new rate, the price of each kg of LPG has been raised by Tk 12.54. So, the price of a cylinder of 12kg LPG has been increased by Tk 50.56.

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) announced the new price at a virtual press briefing on Thursday which will be effective from 6:00pm today.

A litre of LPG was fixed at Tk 115.88 at retail level, up from Tk 103.34 in February.

Earlier in February, the BERC fixed the price of a 12 kg LPG cylinder at Tk 1,240. Now, it will cost Tk 1,390.

Meanwhile, auto gas prices have also been increased to Tk 64.78 a litre from the current Tk 57.51.

BERC chairman Abdul Jalil said the Russia-Ukraine war has pushed up the LPG prices globally, creating a crisis in the energy market.

“We are forced to hike the local LPG prices as the Saudi contract price (CP) has risen globally — from $775 per metric tonne to $911,” he said. “Earlier local suppliers faced supply disruptions. But now the problem has been resolved.”

Most Bangladeshi private companies import their bulk LPG from the Middle East on the basis of Saudi CP and market it locally.