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3,01,41,070 students receives COVID-19 vaccines so far : DGHS

A total of 3,01,41,070 students aged 12-17 years were vaccinated with the first and second doses of COVID-19 jabs.

“Of them, 1,69,78,567 students received first dose of vaccines while 1,31,62,503 were immunized with second dose of vaccines,” according to data issued by Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

On November 1, last year, the vaccination campaign for students aged between 12 and 17 years began across the country. The government has set a target to vaccinate people with 28 crore COVID-19 vaccine shots including booster dose.

On February 6, the government started a special drive to inoculate Qawmi madrasah students with Covid-19 vaccines, the DGHS added.

A total of 12,51,66,327 people have so far received COVID-19 jabs across the country with single, both or booster doses as the countrywide vaccination campaign was launched on February 7, last year.

“As of March 3, a total of 21,50,21,878 doses of COVID-19 vaccines including booster dose were administered across the country,” the DGHS added.

“A total of 12,51,58,239 people have been administered the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine till yesterday while 8,58,04,440 received the second dose across the country during the same period,” the DGHS added.

As many as 40,59,199 people received the booster dose of COVID- 19 vaccine to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, it added.

Expansion of vaccination is the most effective remedy to rein the spread of coronavirus… as part of vaccine expansion programme, we launched special inoculation campaign from February 17 to February 25 and set three-day mass vaccination drive that began on February 26,” Dr Shamsul Haque, member
secretary of the National Covid-19 Vaccine Management Taskforce, said.
Shamsul, also director of Directorate General of Health Services, said since February 17 to March 1, a total of 2.32 crore people have been inoculated with first dose, 1.7 crore people vaccinated with second dose and 10 lakh people immunized with booster dose.

During the past 13 days, as many as 3,49,00,000 people received different doses of COVID-19 vaccines, he added.

As many as 1,11,74,725 people were immunized with the first dose of coronavirus vaccine on February 26 (first day of campaign), 19,33,775 vaccinated on February 27 (second day of campaign) while 15,69,44 people received the first dose of COVID-19 jabs on the concluding day of the drive(February 28), he also added.

As of February 26, a total of 20,71,44,688 doses of COVID-19 vaccines including booster dose were administered across the country, the DGHS official said.

A total of 20,99,37,805 doses of COVID-19 vaccines including booster dose were administered till February 27, 2022.

Of the total vaccination doses till February 27, 19,33,775 people received the first dose of coronavirus vaccines on the second day of the campaign while 77,44,38 received the second dose and 84,904 received booster dose during the same period, the DGHS added.

As of February 28, a total of 21,23,88,256 doses of COVID-19 vaccines including booster dose were administered across the country.

“Till to date, Bangladesh received 29.74 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines….either the country got the vaccine doses under COVAX facilities or through purchase,” Shamsul added.

“The target of vaccination during the three-day campaign has exceeded as 1,46,77,544 people received the first dose of vaccines…Bangladesh has set a target of administering one crore doses of vaccines because the country launched one-day drive and subsequently it (campaign) turned into a three-day drive” DGHS Director General Prof Dr Abul Bashar Mohammad Khurshid Alam said.

“With concerted efforts of all, particularly physicians, medical technologists and health workers, we have achieved unprecedented feat of administering this large number of people meaning Bangladesh has advanced one step forward in expansion of vaccination coverage across the country,” he added.

“During the campaign, people were allowed to receive COVID-19 vaccines without registration or any documents from any centre,” Shamsul said.

“The main objective of mass vaccination campaign was to bring all vulnerable groups of people under vaccination coverage… meaning a significant progress of administering first dose of COVID-19 inoculation is ensured,” he added.

People received COVID-19 vaccines only by giving mobile number, he said, adding that, “The people, who received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine, have been given a card… this card was given as a document for receiving second or booster dose.”

After a good progress on the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination coverage, Shamsul said, “Now we are focusing on second and booster dose to scale up vaccination programme across the country.”

As of March 3, a total of 9,71,28,827 people have been registered to receive COVID-19 vaccines in the country, the DGHS sources said.

“As many as 8,96,92,129 people have been registered using NID cards, 14,42,363 registered using passports and 59,94,335 registered using birth registration certificates.”