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Boris Johnson’s 6-point plan to defeat Putin

As we’ve reported earlier, UK Prime Minister has called on world leaders to mount a renewed effort to ensure that Russia’s “horrific” invasion of Ukraine fails.

Boris Johnson has set out a six-point plan to maintain pressure on Russian President Putin.

Here’s what he’s said:

●World leaders should mobilise an “international humanitarian coalition” for Ukraine

●They should also support Ukraine “in its efforts to provide for its own self-defence”

●Economic pressure on Russia should be ratcheted up

●The international community must resist Russia’s “creeping normalisation” of its actions in Ukraine

●Diplomatic resolutions to the war must be pursued, but only with the full participation of Ukraine’s legitimate government

●There should be a “rapid campaign to strengthen security and resilience” among Nato countries

Johnson is also expected to deliver his message at meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte at Downing Street on Monday, BBC reports.