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Dhaka wants Asia’s leadership role to address emerging challenges

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen has called upon the Asian nations to take the leadership role for addressing the emerging challenges and exploring opportunities in the rapidly changing world.

He made the call at a roundtable titled “Asia Anew: For sustainable regional growth” at the 2nd Antalya Diplomacy Forum held in Antalya, Turkey on Saturday.

Dr. Momen elaborated on the policies of Bangladesh in addressing the challenges like COVID-19, climate change, and how the government is implementing policies to take Bangladesh in the league of developed nations within the next two decades.

He emphasised on the importance of ensuring green technologies at affordable costs to all countries, and investment for ensuring gainful employment.

Dr. Momen reiterated the Bangladesh proposal for a South-South forum of Foreign Ministers that would share ideas, and promote best practices for the economic issues of the developing countries.

The high-profile roundtable was also attended by several other Foreign Ministers from Asia, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Referring to the different current conflicts in the world, Foreign Minister Momen flagged the concept of culture of peace promoted by Bangladesh, and emphasised that tolerance and empathy is essential for a world to make it sustainable and habitable for our future generations.

Mentioning the Rohingya crisis, and the bold decision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in providing shelter to the 1.1 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals, Dr. Momen stressed for international cooperation in addressing the regional crises.