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Former Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman will  launch his official Campigen soon:



‘ I will be outlining our plans to  Rebuild Tower Hamlets’

Former Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman has announced his candidacy to be elected for the position again. His campaign will be launched very soon by the Aspire Party. Lutfur was elected as the first directly-elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2010 and was re-elected in 2014. However , in 2015 he was forced to step down after an Election Tribunal report, although later Police found  no evidence of criminality against him or any member of his former administration.

In recent press release Lutfur said,

‘ I have never ever acted dishonestly, but to those who think I didn’t exercise enough oversight over campaigners in the last election, I apologise. I couldn’t afford to pursue an appeal against the election tribunal, but I note the police subsequently cleared me of wrongdoing, following four investigations costing close to £4m of public money.’

Lutfur Rahman said,

‘ It’s  time to rid our borough of this tired administration, stumbling from low expectations to scandal, from tax hikes to slashed services, failed Ofsteds to closed roads.’

He further said,

‘The electorate has rejected time and again the smears about our borough, instead drawing conclusions from personal experience. Voters I speak to long for the days of a high performing council. Against a backdrop of austerity, my administration invested in public services while freezing council tax. We embraced the campaign to reopen Poplar Baths and built more council housing than any other council in the UK. As other councils closed up to ten libraries we kept all ours open and even opened a new one. We were the last council not to charge for social care for the elderly. Every year we were rated the top council in London for Equality and Diversity. School results soared, Ofsted beamed. We commissioned the Whitechapel Masterplan which will reignite our town centre, with the magnificent new Town Hall in the former Royal London Hospital now nearing completion, at its hub’

Lutfur added,

‘People round here need a council that speaks up for and is in touch with those it governs, that safeguards and expands our public services, that looks after the elderly and has the highest ambitions for our children’s future. That is why I’m putting my name forward to be elected as the People’s Mayor and in the coming weeks I will be outlining Aspire’s plans to Rebuild Tower Hamlets, and Rebuild Our Future.’

‘LUTFUR’s Yes for Mayor’,

landslide victory :

A referendum was held last year in Tower Hamlets on replacing the directly elected mayoral system with a traditional cabinet and council leader system of local government. Despite the backing of the Labour mayor John Biggs, the campaign to replace the existing system lost by a landslide, with Rahman being the face of local opposition. On a 41. 8 per cent turnout, the ‘Yes for Mayor’ won a staggering 63,046 votes to the pro-change ‘Leading Together’ side which got 17,957 ballots.

Wining a by-election:

Rahman’s supported Aspire Party – also won a by-election last August in weavers ward that was previously one of the safest Labour seats in the borough. Lutfur’s supported  Kabir Ahmed won 1,204 votes to the Labour candidate’s 742. Rahman featured prominently in Ahmed’s election materials in that campaign, calling for locals to back him ‘to help bring about a positive change in Tower Hamlets.’