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Now restaurants may have to run after TCB trucks!

Restaurant owners have demanded the government provide them essential commodities at discount rates through the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).

They said excessive price hikes have put their business at risk of folding.

The demand for buying through TCB came from a meeting of the central executive committee of Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association (BROA) at the Institution of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB) on Saturday.

With BROA president Osman Gani, the meeting was addressed by secretary general of the organization Imran Hasan, vice presidents Shah Sultan Khokon, M Rezaul Karim Sarkar Robin, chief adviser and former president Ruhul Amin, first joint secretary general Firoz Alam Sumon, organizing secretary Syed Mohammad Andalib, treasurer Taufiqul Islam Khan and other members.

The leaders of the organization said restaurant operators are experiencing the toughest times of their lives since starting business. Before they could even overcome the financial losses due to Covid-19, the current price hikes have come as a shock.

“Now abnormal price hike of essential commodities has emerged as a big disaster for the business”, said BROA secretary general Imran Hasan.

Many restaurants are now closing their businesses, he said, adding that even after such a rise in prices for their business inputs, menu prices at the hotel and restaurants have not been increased.

He also said wages of employees, and overall operation costs, have increased many-folds.
In such a grim situation, he said the move by the government to raise gas and water tariffs will further escalate their costs

He demanded the government reduce the existing 5 percent value added tax (VAT) in their sector to 3 percent, and other taxes to be capped at 5 percent.