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Follow these yoga asanas, tips for hair health

Many of us struggle with good hair health owing to a multitude of factors. Experts suggest it is important to take some measures instead of stressing out. According to yoga practitioner and fitness influencer Juhi Kapoor, certain yoga asanas and some essential hair care tips can come handy when practised regularly.

“When it comes to hair health, you need to build a holistic hair care routine – oiling, hair mask, regular hair wash with right products and healthy combing pattern. Food makes a huge difference, too. A good and balanced diet helps to keep your hair long, strong, and healthy,” she said in a post on Instagram.

When it comes to yoga, Kapoor mentioned that breathing techniques and inversions will help. “Inverted postures where crown of the is facing the floor boosts blood circulation towards the head and helps to strengthen your hair roots,” she said.

She shared three postures that can help boost blood circulation towards the head.

Ustrasana or Camel pose

*Push pelvic region and chest out
*Drop head back

Shashankasana or Rabbit pose

*Drop crown of the head towards the floor
*Don’t lift the hips

Matsyakridasana or Dolphin pose

*Bodyweight on the forearms on the floor
*Hips lifting like a mountain
*Keep pushing chin back and forth


– Avoid in case of high blood pressure and cardiac ailments

– Practise with caution in case of cervical troubles

– Avoid in case of headache and migraine

What else can you do?

*Consume nuts and seeds
*Consume dairy
*Comb hair twice daily
*Include protein in diet
*Build a haircare routine