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‘You are not alone’, 3 Prime Ministers to Ukraine

The prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic travelled to Kyiv and met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday.

Slovenian PM Janez Jansa told Ukraine’s people: “You’re not alone. Your fight is our fight and together we will prevail.”

Czech PM Petr Fiala said: “You are fighting for your lives; your freedom. But we know that you are also fighting for our lives and our freedom.”

“We admire your courage and we will continue to provide more aid and support,” he continued, adding that “Europe stands with” the people of Ukraine, reports BBC.

Both leaders also said, in Ukrainian: “Glory to Ukraine.”

The visit was the first from any foreign leader to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion last month.

It’s just after 03:00 in Lviv, a city in Ukraine’s west that has so far mostly escaped the brunt of the war.

Air sirens are currently going off, according to reports by journalists there, indicating that civilians should take shelter in underground bunkers in case of aerial attacks from Russia.

Only two days ago, a military base outside the city not far from the Polish border was struck with multiple Russian cruise missiles, killing at least 35 Ukrainian troops.