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Why rest days are an important part of your workout routine

We give a lot of importance to our exercise routines, but it is equally essential to pay attention to the post workout regimen and also get enough rest days to reap the maximum benefits. Stressing that many people tend to underestimate the significance of rest days, energy coach Urmi Kothari spoke about its importance as part of one’s training routine.

“When you workout, you actually break down your muscle strength as the body becomes weaker due to exertion. You also lose electrolytes. Hence, what you do after the workout is also part of your training process which means you need to sleep well, recover well, and eat well. Whether you do strength, cardio or part-leg training, it is important to take adequate rest,” she said in an Instagram Live session.

Scientifically, exercise depletes glycogen levels, a form of energy stored in the muscles, leading to muscle fatigue. Glycogen stores are replenished during rest days, reducing fatigue and preparing the muscles for the next workout.

Experts also stress that over exercising without rest can make one prone to injury, and lead to reduced performance.
According to World Health Organization, each week, adults should get 150 to 300 minutes of moderate activity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous activity. One can also do a combination of moderate and vigorous activity. Depending on the intensity and the body’s capability, one can plan the rest days for better recovery.

Common signs you need a rest day

*Persistent soreness in the muscles means the body has still not recovered.

*If you feel extreme fatigue and exhaustion, take it slow.

*Niggles are common but persistent pain should not be ignored.

*Sleep issues should be monitored.

*Reduced performance means the body still needs rest.

Here’s what you should be doing post a workout, and on a rest day.

*Stay hydrated.

*Choose healthy homemade snacks.

*Do light exercises.

*As much as warm ups are important before exercising, it is also necessary to bring down the body’s temperature with adequate cool down exercises that helps the body slowly recover.