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Toya, Shawon thrilled to visit Toggi Fun World

Popular actors Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya and Sayed Zaman Shawon have been thrilled to the virtual theme park Toggi Fun World. The celebrity couple has recently visited the vertically largest theme park in South East Asia at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital.

“It seems that we are not in Bangladesh. We have visited many virtual theme parks abroad before. But never know that we also have an amusement park in a larger arrangement”, they expressed their feelings after visiting the Toggi Fun World. “Now we can proudly say that Bangladesh has the largest theme park in South East Asia”, they added.
Besides visiting, Toya and Shawon made a video blog on Toggi Fun World. They also invite their fan and followers to visit the place to ‘feel the thrill’.

Toggi Fun World consists of Toggi World and Ultimate Fun Factory, the largest VR theme park in the country. It surfaced from level eight to eighteen of the prestigious shopping centre. There are over 150 exciting games and rides with virtual reality and augmented reality.