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Elegant raiments from Poushee | Online Version

There are so many fashion people from Bangladesh nowadays. But among all of them Poushee has the stage now. Mahia Ninan Poushee is the hardworking and dedicated fashion designer of Bangladesh now. Her very own page poushee has so many versatile design on many attires.

Poushee started this path on Facebook, making dresses for herself and also modeling on her own. When she sees people really like her fashion sense and model pictures, it really makes her more happy and determined. She began with very little investment, she put them on her profile and guess what? All those sold out within only 12 hours. After that, Poushee never ever looked back again.

As Poushee is a very determined person, she wants to be more particular and serious on her own business. However, her father wants her to do something in a school or any kind of particular job that she could easily do. He was tensed about her but here poushee at only 19, making her own real money. Many people don’t get the chance to make their own money at this age, but Poushee is hardworking and too lovable to her work .After some time, Poushee’s father was her real support at every stage in her life. The time when he tried to join his daughter to a school, but now he is pushing her to join fashion school and learn about fashion more and more. Fashion designing was something that Poushee always loved. Most of her work got recognised on social media platforms. Her own hard work has always been the best for her. She literally had no idea about how to progress or how to stick on this job, however she learned everything on her own. Poushee is the main character of her own success. From finding partners to get paid , all were done by herself.

When she goes on a tour , or every places she go , she always make sure that she is dressed properly so that people can see at once and buy them. Out of her comfortness, she always prioritizes people’s choices . She creates the entire look, top to bottom all are made by herself. She also makes sure that plus sized people can also wear her dresses and creations. She is very ambient and believes that everyone has their own beauty, and she added some extra confidence with their outfits. For all those things, like designing, size , proper measurements , various colors she worked really hard .

Poushee never compromised . Besides the profit, she gains trust from all of her clients by giving their best designing outfit with outstanding cloth. She believes that, everywhere you go , people will notice you and your all over look. People will try to find you by your outfit. You have to make sure that your work place, learning place and every places you go , people will be fascinated after seeing your proper dress up. Poushee is working for Eid collection now, she plans to work and research about Eastern dresses now. Poushee has a great notes for upcoming fashion designing students.” Work On Developing your taste, this industry has a lot to do with trends ,the more knowledge you gain on recent and upcoming trends, the wider your imagination and tastes will develop. If you are going to take inspiration from a famous piece of work, try to surpass the original”.

However, right now poushee works on various projects. Color combination and sleeve length everything has on her own. We hope that something very special and elegant will come to this Eid from her collection. Let’s hope for the best and wait patiently.