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E-commerce thrives in Bangladesh rapidly

E-commerce is thriving in Bangladesh rapidly as elsewhere across the globe as online based trade becomes popular among the people due to easy access to technology and to keep pace with the busiest world.

The whole world is getting dependent on technology as everything is now online-based and anyone can buy or sell anything on the virtual platform.

In fact, the online platforms have expanded remarkably during the COVID-19 pandemic when people become dependent more on online, reports BSS.

E-commerce is also spreading in Bangladesh rapidly as a groundbreaking change has taken place in this sector during the Coronavirus situation. The number of women entrepreneur has also increased here and enriched the sector.

But, the sector suffered a major setback due to mismanagement in some big online platforms including E-Valley.

Currently, the government has introduced Unique Business Identification (UBID) to restore discipline in online business and most owners of the virtual platforms, which got registration in first phase under UBID, are women.

The women entrepreneurs said they are also moving ahead along with their male counterparts.

They (women) are becoming self-dependent through e-commerce overcoming a lot of obstacles, they said.

But they are also facing problems as most of the whole sale markets and buying places are not women-friendly till now, they added.

The women entrepreneurs said they hoped that the situation will be better in the coming days.

Annika, owner of an e-commerce site, said that she is doing business of ‘polao chal’ (chinigura rice) from Dinajpur.

She is a student of a local government college and brought up at a rich family, she said.

“But, she has an ambition to do something. So, she started rice sale during the COVID-19 situation. Even, she sold rich of about Taka 20,00,000 in first six months,” Annika said.

She said it is really amazing. “My family especially my father encourage me to do the business. Even, he also visited different whole sale markets of rice to buy good one,” she added.

Another successful woman Rowda said, “I started my online business of ornaments in 2018. That time, the business was only online-based. My family helps me a lot. Now, I’ve a shop in Mirpur-11. My husband helps me in shop after his office.”

She said many women become entrepreneurs on the virtual platforms. But, they are also facing some problems especially in wholesale markets as most places are not women-friendly, she added.

Rafia, one of the woman entrepreneurs of Chattogram, said, she started her business in 2019.

In the beginning, she used to sell only ladies cloths items. But, now she expanded her business and is also selling gents’ items.

She is also a member of ‘WE’; a facebook based online platforms for the women.