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Prince Charles remembers victims of war in Easter message

Prince Charles has highlighted the suffering of “innocent victims of conflict” in his Easter message.

The Prince of Wales said he was “heartbroken” at the plight of those forced to flee their homes due to conflict and persecution.

It follows the Russian invasion of Ukraine which has seen millions of people flee the country.

He also said he was “profoundly moved” by those ready to open their homes to people in need.

In his annual Easter address, Prince Charles said: “Today, millions of people find themselves displaced, wearied by their journey from troubled places, wounded by the past, fearful of the future – and in need of a welcome, of rest, and of kindness.

“Over the past years, I have found myself heartbroken at the sufferings of the innocent victims of conflict, or persecution, some of whom I have met and who have told me stories of unutterable tragedy as they have been forced to flee their country and seek shelter far from home.”

He added that it had been “profoundly moving to see how so many people are ready to open their homes to those in need, and how they have offered their time and their resources to help those facing such soul-destroying sorrow and hardship.”

The war in Ukraine has led to millions of people fleeing their homes, according to the United Nations. In the UK more than 200,000 people have expressed an interest in housing Ukrainian refugees through the government’s Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme – although it has been criticised for being too bureaucratic and slow.