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Here are early signs your kid will be a Leader in future

Everyone wants their child to be happy. But parents also secretly hope their children will be confident, independent, and self-starters. What does that look like? How can you foster it? While it can be frustrating to try to imagine your child’s future, if they demonstrate these signs, they’re sure to be a leader no matter what path they choose, The Statesman reported.

Here are early signs your kid will be a Leader in future:

1. High Emotional Intelligence

When you notice your child being friendly, encouraging, and concerned about other people’s well-being, then this is a positive sign of a leader growing in them. A child who is empathetic and understands how to relate to others emotionally bears a very strong positive trait and is a great asset for leadership.

2. Selflessness

When you watch your kids play with their friends, the most instinctive habit that manifests is that they tend to grab and hold on to all the playing tools. Children have this natural selfish instinct of wanting everything for themselves.

On the contrary, if you notice that your child is ever willing to give away something they like if someone else needs it, then they are already displaying leadership traits.

3. Mature thinking and confidence:

Have you ever noticed that the child is never afraid to join a conversation with a group of grown-ups? Maybe some adults in the lounge were having a discussion and said something which attracted the kid’s attention and without hesitation, he/she shot a question wanting to know more albeit respectfully. This is a strong natural trait of a leader to be. Such kids think beyond their age and exhibit traits and behaviors normally found in grown-ups.

4. Inquisitiveness

It is normal for kids to be given to playing most of the time. However if you notice that your child is mostly given to reading and discovering new things while his/her peers are busy playing, then a leader-to-be is being bred.

5. Self-sufficient

Children up to a certain age are overly dependent on parents or grown-ups. On the contrary, a leader kid exhibits different mannerisms. When left alone for some time, they may never throw tantrums or exhibit fear, instead, they do play on their own for uninterrupted periods.