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Anushka Sharma drools over Bengali dish panta bhat

Actress Anushka Sharma recently enjoyed a scrumptious traditional Bengali dish called panta bhat as seen on her Instagram. Along with a picture of the delicious dish, she had added an emoji indicating that she was ready to relish her food.

Anushka Sharma shared a photograph of her lunch plate recently, which had many delicious foods items native to West Bengal in particular, but also consumed in other states in the eastern part of the country.

For lunch, her plate consisted of panta bhat, which is prepared overnight. The fermented rice dish is made by first preparing the rice, then adding some water and leaving it to ferment overnight for at least 12 hours. It continues to be a staple in many households, especially those whose livelihoods depend on physical labour.

Consumed as a breakfast item, the dish also requires mustard oil, a pinch of salt, and lemon to be sprinkled on it.

The actor’s plate of rice was accompanied by two pieces of chopped onions, a green chilli, eggplant sliced and fried, locally known as begun bhaja, boiled and mashed potato, known as aloo sheddo or aloo bhaate, and a fried assortment, which seemed like a vegetable pakora.