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Long queues at Kamalapur for Apr 28 tickets

People are thronging Kamalapur Railway Station on Sunday to buy tickets for April 28.

Today is the second day of advance sales of train tickets for the upcoming Eid holidays.

April 28 is the last working day before Eid. A large number of travellers are expected to leave Dhaka on that day. So, the big pressure will start on the day.

The station authorities said AC tickets are being ended rapidly as the tickets are much less than the demand.

Some alleged that after the sale of tickets started, 10 to 15 people were given AC tickets. Where did so many tickets go, who took them? Some failed to get AC tickets.

Female passengers are in large number than the previous day.

Meanwhile, many have complained that it takes time to give tickets.

Khairul, awaiting passengers for tickets, said, “At first try to buy a ticket online but failed. For this, now standing in the queue for a ticket.”