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Oyshee’s ‘Garir Mechanic’ springs a surprise

Bangladeshi singer Oyshee Fatima Tuz Zahra’s new music video ‘Garir Mechanic’ was released on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr with a surprise for the audience.

Afghan-origin Bollywood actress Warina Hussain has, for the first time, synched her lips with a Bangla song in this music video.

The song was written and composed by Kaushik Hossain Taposh and the music video was produced and styled by Farzana Munni. Moreover, Bollywood director Adil Sheikh has directed the music video under the banner of Taposh and Munni’s production company TM Records.

The music video was shot in Mumbai and was recently published in TM Record’s own Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

Oyshee said her expectation, excitement and emotions about the song have been met with the way the music video came out.

She said, “Warina has adapted with the song so well that it seemed like she sang the song, not me. The way she gave expressions along with a Bengali song, though being a non-Bengali, was amazing and commendable.”

“I consider myself lucky to be working on such a dream project. Hopefully the audience will remember this song like ‘Dushtu Polapain’,” said Oyshee.

TM Record’s song ‘Dustu Polapain’ released last year starred another popular Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone.