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Sarwoer punished for resentment after being denied of promotion

Sarwoer Alam, a former executive magistrate at Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Headquarters, has received punishment for his “objectionable” status on Facebook page after being denied of promotion in service.

“It’s wrong to take a stand against injuctice in this country,” he said. He has also been cautioned of writing such remarks on Facebook page.

Sarwoer, a senior assistant secretary, now works at the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment.

He came into limelight for conducting mobile courts as the executive magistrate of RAB.

Sarwoer Alam was not among 337 senior assistant secretaries who were promoted to the post of deputy secretary by the Ministry of Public Administration on March 7 last year.

On the following day, he wrote on his Facebook: “Most of the (government) officials and employees who fought against injustices and irregularities in services have faced deprivation and harassment in their service life. It is also wrong to take a stand against the injustice in this country.”

At that time, Sarwoer Alam was withdrawn from RAB. Besides, a departmental case was lodged against him. He was also summoned and asked to explain his staus.

Since the removal from RAB, Sarower has been not active on Facebook like the past. When contacted with his last night about the order, he didn’t pick up his phone.

Sarwoer Alam, who had worked as an executive magistrate in the RAB since 2015, played a courageous role in the anti-corruption campaign.

He also conducted mobile courts at various times against many irregularities and was especially vocal against adulteration of food items.

Sarwoer Alam had last conducted drive at the residence of Dhaka-7 lawmaker Haji Salim and awarded his son Erfan Salim to one and half year imprisonment for using walkie-talkies illegally and having narcotics in possession.