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Tips to cool your home during summers

The scorching heat during the summers might lead to esclated electricity bills with the increased use of air conditioners as people seek relief from the heat.

A little awareness can help bring the power bills down significantly. Here are ways to keep you cool, and beat the heat this summer without burning a hole in your pocket:

Using desert coolers

Consuming around one-tenth of electricity in comparison to air conditioners, Desert coolers do not make a big hole in the pocket. Switching from an AC to a desert cooler can be the easiest energy-saving option, especially for those people who live in an area that is hot and dry, ANI reported.

Keep the sun’s heat out with wet curtains

Using this ancient Egyptian trick helps in converting the heated air into a soothing breeze as it enters your home. You can do so by clipping all the sides of the curtains or shades to the window and sprinkling water over them.

Using misting fans

Misting fans intermittently blow water into the air which absorbs heat (energy) from the surroundings and helps in cooling down air when it evaporates. These fans might look tiny but they can drastically reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

Combined usage of fans with your AC

Fans don’t actually produce cold air but just move the existing air around. You can turn on the AC for a short span of time and switch it off when the room has cooled down. Using a fan will create a wind-chill effect that helps people feel more comfortable.

Opting for energy-efficient bulbs

For those who still use the age-old incandescent light bulbs, it’s time to switch to LED bulbs as the former is extremely energy inefficient. LEDs use much less electricity and run much cooler than standard lights while costing only slightly more.