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Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu shares the secret to parenting

International icon Priyanka Chopra and global music sensation Nick Jonas are currently enjoying their new phase of parenthood, The Statesman reported.

Talking about her celebrity daughter Priyanka, Dr Madhu Chopra shared some details about her parentage and her ethics.

During a conversation with Hauterrfly, Madhu said that both her children, Priyanka and Siddharth Chopra, had three basic rights, she said, “Both of my children had the right to think, the right to speak and the right to express. We used to ask them before and Then tell us how we feel”.

Madhu affirmed that when her children were young and they came back from school, “we would first ask them what happened, then we would communicate or give them advice. My kids had some limitations”.

Madhu Chopra further explained that due to this practice, children grew up to be self-confident individuals, who had the ability to disseminate their thoughts and be confident. She further added, “What happened is that her children gained confidence, and were never afraid to speak, at least in front of their parents. Then it became a part of their nature to become expressive.”

In a previous interview with ETimes Lifestyle, Madhu had talked about her granddaughter and said: “He is so joyful! I can’t tell you how my heart is. I think it’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time. Now it has happened and I can’t hide my happiness ”.