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Padma Bridge tolls finalised: Bus Tk 2,400, truck Tk 2,100

The government has finalised the toll rates for different categories of vehicles for crossing the Padma Multipurpose Bridge.

The Development Branch of the Bridges Division of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges issued a circular in this regard on Tuesday (May 18).

The toll rates are: Tk 100 for motorcycle, Tk 750 for car and jeep, Tk 1,200 for pick-up van, Tk 1,300 for microbus, Tk 1,400 for minibus (31 seats or less), Tk 2,000 for medium size bus (32 seats or more), Tk 2,400 for large bus (3 axles), Tk 1,600 for small truck (up to 5 tonnes), Tk 2,100 for medium size truck (from 5 tonnes to 8 tonnes), and Tk 2,800 for medium size truck (from 8 tonnes to 11 tonnes), Tk 5,500 for large truck (upto 3 axles) and Tk 6,000 for trailer (up to 4 axles).

Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on May 11 said the much-hyped Padma Bridge will be inaugurated in June and preparations are going on for its opening.

Quader, made the remarks while briefing reporters after the 111th board meeting of Bangladesh Bridge Authority at the conference room of Bridges Division in the capital.

The minister said the work progress of the main bridge is 98 per cent while river training is 92 per cent and the progress of carpeting work is 91 per cent.