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Bridal Wear: All Black is the New Stereotypes Breaker

Black Bridal Wear: Brides are always looked up to in bright or soothing colors and especially in Indian traditional weddings, the bride is mostly expected to wear the bright red color. But what about the color Black which is a ‘Big No’ for the brides and grooms.

Black is not considered a bride’s or groom’s color because it is the color of mourning. So, considering the aspects of an Indian wedding, Designers like Kanchankuntala Das, the founder of Black In Vogue, Ritu Kumar, and Reeti Arneja, have always nurtured the thought that what can be the reason for neglecting the grace of the color Black in Indian weddings.

Keeping this curiosity alive they designed exclusive Black Bridal outfits.

Ritu Kumar is an Indian fashion designer and a pioneer of boutique fashion culture. Kumar is the founder of Ritika Private Limited, a firm that includes four fashion brand portfolios. She has various labels like ‘Ritu Kumar’, ‘Ri’, ‘Ritu Kumar Home’, and ‘LABEL Ritu Kumar.

Talking about her designs she once said, “The modern generation must appreciate this mix and the fact that the designs are becoming both fluid and global. The relationships and roles that traditionally defined people have changed, and so has how we express ourselves. The change encompasses fluid and androgynous fashion.”

Kumar designed the simple black lehenga which could be worn on small wedding functions like sangeet or Mehandi by the bride and it will break the stereotype.

Have a look at the exclusive collection:

The exclusive collection of Kanchankuntala Das is the breaker of stereotypes for traditional Indian wedding outfits. It has introduced an all-black bridal wear line, keeping in mind the unique choice of independent-minded brides who love black and want to establish an experimental fashion statement on their wedding day.

According to Das Black is an evergreen color as she considers black as the mother color which is the reason why she implemented its grandiose into her bridal outfits in the new bridal collection.

She is dispirited by the fact that wearing black on the wedding day is still taboo. She came across many brides who wanted to experiment with black on their special day. But societal norms suppressed their unique ethnic choices.

So born from her curiosity she designed the unique and beautiful bridal outfit in black color. The black blouse has been crafted with zari and kasabaari embroidery which took a lot of hard work and patience to complete. The dupatta has been embellished and embroidered with golden-colored oval-shaped sequins, moti, and tiki.

The lehenga depicts a rich story of an Indian wedding as it features a mesmerizing arrangement of floral motifs with a golden tinge and a beautiful border featuring zari weaving.

The designer said, “I respect the Indian customs and the sensitivity of the rituals. But I don’t see any harm in experimenting with new concepts for the sake of art. Creative things know no boundary”. She added, “even though people have a love and hate relationship with black, it’s impossible to ignore the color.”

Black in Vogue always tries to portray crafts on different modern silhouettes It also intends to further explore art for a better cause.

Have look at the exclusive black outfit:

Reeti Arneja is very famous for her Indo-western festive wear. Reeti Arneja is a label that has become synonymous with effortless attires inspired by Indian gypsies, nomadic tribes, festivals, and culture. However, her black collection shows style, luxury, and elegance. Her black collection for the bride is designed in a way that it could be worn on Haldi or Reception.