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Life-altering rewards of drinking turmeric water every morning

Turmeric is one of the most easily available spices and it is most beneficial too. Turmeric is an Ayurvedic remedy which is being admired since thousands of years. Curcumin, a key antioxidant in turmeric is packed with lots of health benefits. It has also been named as the holy powder for its medicinal properties.

Turmeric is also popular known as “Golden Spice”. Turmeric is a great spice and it has many health benefits for our bodies. It helps with cardiovascular health, inflammation, brain health, arthritis, liver protection; turmeric also prevents aging, helps with digestion, fights cancer and so on. It is also very good in fighting with diverse health conditions.

Let us go through a few health benefits of turmeric:

Supports Brain health

With the help of a research it has been found, that there is a strong connection between the cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia and also the reduced levels of a certain type of growth hormone known as the Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor.

In addition to this, the researchers have also found that curcumin has a large effect on balancing the levels of this hormone and thus it reverses some brain diseases or declines of the brain functions because of aging.

Anti inflammatory Properties

Turmeric is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation could be a cause of many diseases, but turmeric has some amazing anti-inflammatory effects.

Promotes cardiovascular health

It’s due to curcumin’s health properties, that, the arteries stay free from plaque deposits and blood clots, this eventually improves the cardiovascular health. Turmeric water consumption will improve the cardiovascular health.

Protects Liver

Turmeric will most certainly protect the liver from toxic damage and will also regenerate the damaged cells. It also stimulates the production of bile and improves the function of gallbladder.

Treats arthritis

A research conducted in 2012, proves that the turmeric bears properties as strong as diclofenac that eventually helps in the treatment of pain and swelling in the joints.

Turmeric prolongs life and prevents aging

The most crucial factors for aging are the inflammation and the free radical, and the curcumin successfully inhibits their activity.

Turmeric alkalizes the body

Turmeric has high alkaline content and that’s how it has positive effects on the body, such as prevention and development of cancer cells.

Prevents ageing

Combination of turmeric water with honey and lemon juice is highly beneficial for anti-aging and it also removes toxins from the body and doesn’t let ageing show its effect on the body. Turmeric contains free radicals which help in maintaining good health and also increase the fairness of the skin and the body.

Helps to improve digestion

By consuming turmeric on the daily basis digestive system could be improved.

(With inputs from multiple trusted sources)