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Fresh’en up Your Mood with Mango Moose

Mango Moose Recipe

While the summers have already set in, we all desire to eat something cool and refreshing and nothing can beat the Mango Moose in Summers. Bright and creamy mango mousse is the perfect dessert for special occasions or last-minute sweet cravings.

So we are back with a delicious recipe of easy Mango Moose. This eggless mango mousse recipe is easy to make from scratch, with no cooking required. Follow our step-by-step instructions with photos and video to whip up a batch of deliciously fresh and fruity mango mousse in just 10 minutes.

Summer Special Recipe of Mango Moose

Mango Moose (Istock photo)


for mango cream:

1½ cup mango cubes
1½ cup whipping cream
¼ cup powdered sugar

for garnishing:

1 mango cubes
¼ cup mango pulp
2 tbsp tutti frutti
6 cherry


firstly, in a blender take 1½ cup mango and blend to smooth paste. keep aside.
in a large bowl take 1½ cup whipping cream and ¼ cup powdered sugar.
using a beater, beat on low speed. you can alternatively use a whisk.
beat until the cream turns stiff peaks.
now add in prepared mango puree and mix gently.
mix until everything is well combined. keep aside.
in small cups, layer with 2 tbsp chopped mango.
next, layer it with prepared mango cream.
further, add a tbsp of mango pulp in the center.
refrigerate for 30 minutes or until it sets well.
finally, garnish with tutti frutti, and cherry, and enjoy mango mousse.