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Kickstarting the day with coffee

Coffee is a necessity to start the day on a fresh note. A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee is the scenario we have in mind when we leave the bed and walk to the kitchen. It helps in charging up the body and leading us into the day with fresh enthusiasm and energy. Coffee is also loaded with a lot of health benefits. It helps in preventing heart diseases. It also helps in boosting the body to process glucose better.

However, it’s time to spice up coffee recipes in the kitchen. It’s about time to move on from the basic milk, coffee and sugar and add more twist to start the day on a high note. Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India shared a few coffee recipes with us which will only be a treat for the tastebuds, but also spice up the start of the day. Take a look:

Cinnamon Almond cappuccino


Shot of Espresso

150ml almond milk

Cinnamon powder

Nutmeg (just for taste)

Sugar to taste


Take a shots of espresso and starch it with hot water, half fill the mug. Steam and Froth almond milk, until doubled in volume. Pour it like Cappuccino, Sprinkle over a dash of cinnamon and very little nutmeg.


Red velvet latte



Shot of Espresso

350ml (12oz) milk

20gm milk/ white chocolate

10ml vanilla syrup

Few drop red food colouring

whipped cream

white chocolate shavings (Garnish)


Take a shot of espresso in a glass mug, Add in the chocolate and stir to melt. Add a drop food colouring and stir to combine. Pour steam and frothed milk like cappuccino. Mix two drop of food colouring into soy cream and whip it. Pour good amount of whipped cream over cappuccino. Sprinkle over some white chocolate shavings.

Indian Spicy Mocha




Shot of Espresso

180ml milk

15ml chocolate sauce

Cinnamon powder

Ground cardamom

Ground nutmeg


Steam and froth the milk. Take a shot of espresso in a cup, add chocolate sauce, and ground spices to your espresso. Pour the hot milk and just like latte.

Source: Hindustan Times