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No scope to provide water to rich at lower price: Minister

Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam directed Water Supply And Sewerage Authority(WASA) to increase price in upper class area to provide water to lower class or slum dwellers at a subsidized price.

“Not only water, service costs of other utilities like holding tax, gas, electricity should also be fixed based on different zones,” said the minister.

The Minister made the directions at a seminar titled ‘Joint Research Project on Covid-19” by Dhaka WASA and ICDDR,B in the capital on Monday, UNB reports.

He said no organization can run on providing subsidies. “There is no scope to provide water to the rich at a lower price by taking revenue from the poor. WASA holds the authority to increase or lower water prices but it is not justified to give water at Tk 15 when the production cost is Tk 25.”

“Yes, it can be given at a subsidised price for low-income earners but not for the aristocrats living in elite areas. We need to establish equitable development,” he added.

Minister Tajul Islam also directed to install new pipe lines and take actions against those who are taking or giving illegal connections to ensure providing safe water to Dhaka dwellers.

He said, “WASA provides germ free water but when illegal connections are taken and not fitted properly germ enters or it grows in the overhead or reserve tanks of the houses.”

“In an area pipelines are at first laid to supply water to 5,000 homes but later the population gets multiplied over time and as a result a water crisis occurs. The number of users in Dhaka is much higher than the supply of water” said the minister.