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Land grab allegation against actress Aparna Sen

Aparna Sen has occupied the land! Asit Baran and Devdulal Sarkar, residents of Surul area of ​​Bolpur, made such allegations against popular actress and director Aparna Sen. According to Asitbabu, Aparna Sen has a house in Surul area of ​​Bolpur. He has occupied two places there.

He also lodged a complaint with the Bolpur Land Revenue Department to this effect. The allegation against Aparna Sen is that inside her house, two places of Sarkar family have been entered. Which they did not sell to the actress. According to Sarkar’s family, Aparna Sen is trying to mutate the land. That is why the family has lodged a complaint at the concerned place with proper documents.

According to reports, Aparna Sen had requested for a record of his house. As per the rules, notice is sent to the previous owner by the Land and Land Revenue Department. After receiving the notice, Asitbabu complained that they have two acres of land in that land. A hearing was held at the Bolpur Land Revenue Office on Monday on the basis of Asit Babu’s allegations. Aparna Sen’s representative was present at the hearing.

Sanjay Roy, an official of the Land Revenue Department, said, “We have received the complaint. Aparna Sen applied to us for land record. Notice is then sent to the owners. The whole matter is being investigated. The decision will be taken after that. ”