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Mango export from Rajshahi to UK, Hong Kong begins

Export of mangoes to United Kingdom and Hong Kong from Rajshahi district started on Wednesday.

A consignment of 1,500 kg of Khirshapat mangoes for United Kingdom and Hong Kong was sent to Dhaka from Bagha upazila.

The mango growers of the upazila have started sending these mangoes through contracted exporters Liton Enterprise and Mahatab Enterprise. The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) is coordinating in the export process.

Arrangements have been made to send this mango consignment abroad for several years. This has brought relief and excitement among the mango farmers in the upazila.

Shafiqul Islam Chana, Bagha Upazila Contract Growers, said, “There is nothing more gratifying than this (export). It was not possible to export mangoes last season due to coronavirus. This year, farmers are being encouraged to export mangoes. It will play a leading role in the country’s economy.”

He said, “They have 20 successful mango farmers with them. They have been trained by the Department of Agricultural Extension for mango maintenance.”

According to DAE, 20 farmers of the upazila have been enrolled for mango export through training. Samples are tested at BSTI Lab in Dhaka for mangoes grown in orchards through good agricultural management. After that it is exported abroad.

In this regard, Upazila Agriculture Officer Shafiullah Sultan said though mango cultivation is difficult but the mango farners and traders of the area have started mango cultivation through fruit bagging method so that no kind of insect attack occurs.

“Though the cost is increasing, on the one hand, the quality of mango is increasing. Buyers from home and abroad are buying mangoes at higher prices.”