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SC dismisses Japanese woman’s contempt charge petition

The Appellate Division on Thursday dismissed the contempt of court charge against Bangladesh-born American citizen Imran Sharif by his wife Japanese citizen Dr Erico Nakano.

A six-member bench of the Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain passed the order after hearing.

The court did not take Imran Sharif’s counter-allegation against his wife into cognisation.

Lawyers Ajmalul Hossain QC, Ahsanul Karim and Mohammad Shishir Monir appeared for Eriko in the court while lawyers Akhtar Imam and Rashna Imam for Imran.

The two children Nakano Jasmine Malika, 11, and Nakano Laila Lina, 9, will remain with their mother Erico Nakano as per the court order. And their father can meet them.

But defying the court order, Imran Sharif often go outside with their children, alleged Erico Nakano.

For this, she filed the complained on May 16 against her husband Imran Sharif.

Meanwhile, Imran complained, despite the court order, he was not allowed to meet his children. That is why, on the same day he counter-alleged Erico Nakano of contempt of court.

On May 17, the Japanese woman also filed a petition seeking permission to go Japan with her children during summer vacation.

But after hearing, the court also rejected this petition, Erico’s lawyer Shishir Monir confirmed.