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Reception of Cllr Sabia Kamali in London

Muhammed Shahed Rahman:


Speaking at the reception given to Cllr Sabia Kamali in London, the speakers said, “We have to go a long way with talent and creativity, develop the community, devote ourselves to serving the people. No matter where we are, it is our moral responsibility to work for improvement of the community, society and country from our respective positions.”

On Tuesday (31 May 2022) at a local hall in East London, a warm reception was given to Cllr Sabia Kamali, elected from Newham Council’s Stratford Ward, at the initiative of the Young Generation of Shaharpara, UK.

Ansar Miah Kamali, a veteran of the community activist, presided over the reception of Cllr Sabia Kamali.

Sabina Akhter, former Speaker of London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Community leaders Yusuf Kamali, Abdus Sobhan Kamali, Qari Jilu Miah Kamali, Manik Miah Kamali, former Cllr Mizan Chowdhury, Cllr John, Jagannathpur Unnayan Sangstar president Taher Kamali and Manchester City Awami League president Oyes Kamali spoke at the event jointly co-chaired by Shayek Kamali and Harik Kamali.

At the beginning of the programme, Maruf Uddin Kamali recited from the Holy Quran. Former talented student of Rajshahi University Shah Alam Kamali spoke on the occasion. Dr Wadud Kamali, Manzur Kamali, Firoz Miah Kamali, Akik Khan, Anwar Khan and Kamal Hussain spoke on the occasion.

Also present on the occasion were Shafi Miah Kamali, Rafu Miah Kamali, Abir Miah Kamali, Shahid Miah, Rajik Kamali, Jitu Kamali, Murshed Miah, Burhan Kamali, Dhan Miah Kamali, Jitu Miah Kamali, Seju Kamali, Hakim Kamali, Shaher Miah, Shanur Kamali. , Khasrul Kamali, Kamal Hussain Kamali, Rafu Kamali, Minu Miah, Awlad Kamali, Aminur Kamali, Kishore Miah Kamali, Tunu Miah, Rouz Kamali, Olid Kamali, Sumon Khan, Sohan Miah, Raihan Kamali, Nochun Kamali, Siddique Kamali, Jahed , Bakhtiyar Khan, Rahim Uddin, Khasru Kamali, Badrul Kamali and Sayesh Kamali.

Sabia Kamali, a first-time elected Cllr from Stratford, Newham, London, grew up and studied in East London. She hails from the Shaharpara village of Jagannathpur Upazila, Sunamganj District, Sylhet. She lives with her family in London.