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Zonayed Saki, 6 others injured in Chattogram attack

Gana Shanghati Andolon chief coordinator Zonayed Saki and six of his partymen have been physically assaulted in Chattogram.

They came under attack at the Chattogram Medical College Hospital (CMCH) premises on Tuesday afternoon when a group of people swooped on them chanting “Joy Bangla” slogan.

Saki bled through his nose and got injury on left hand in the assault.

Other injured were Gana Shanghati Andolon Chattogram unit coordinator Hasan Maruf Rumi, member secretary Farhad Zaman, Chattoram unit general secretary of Chhatra Federation Shridham Kumar Shil, Gana Adhikar Parishad joint conveners Rashed Khan and Jasim Uddin, and member Kamrun Nahar Dolly.

They are now receiving treatment at Chattogram Medical College Hospital.

Recently, Ganoa Shanghati Andolon has announced the formation of “Ganatantra Morcha” with seven parties and organizations leaving the Left Democratic Front. Leaders of the coalition parties visited the BM Container Depot at Sitakunda in Chattogram on Tuesday afternoon.

Later, they went to the CMCH around 3:30 pm.

Witnesses said Saki and others came out of the hospital around 5:45 pm after visiting injured in the blast.

At that time, a group of seven or eight people attacked them chanting “Joy Bangla” slogan when they were getting into cars from there.

Chattogram Metropolitan Police deputy commissioner Mokhlechur Rahman said they received the information.

Police are trying to identify involved people in the attack, he said

Legal action will be taken after the confirmation about the matter, the police official further said.

“We went to see the BM Container Depot at Sitakunda in Chattogram in the morning. Then we went Chattogram Medical College Hospital (CMCH) to see the injured people. Coming out of the hospital, we were about to get onto the cars. Just at that time, they attacked us. I was inside a car. They attacked with bricks. They attacked our leaders and workers bringing them out of the cars, leaving 20 persons injured. Leaders and workers of our seven political parties became the victims of attack,” Saki said.