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Sunamganj court reunites 45 estranged couples

Sunamganj Correspondent : The judge acquitted the accused in the case as the allegations were settled amicably. After the verdict, the court staff greeted the couple with flowers. At the same time they are given sweet gifts. Then the present couple feeds each other sweets.

Lawyer Kaniz Sultana, a member of Sunamganj Aware Citizens Committee (SNAK), told that these verdicts are examples. Of this court

The Honorable Judge has ruled in a number of similar cases before. He has saved many families from breaking up. These initiatives will have a positive impact on the society.

Sunamganj Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal Judge. Before this, Zakir Hossain had settled 54 cases on 22 February 2021 and 50 more cases on 15 March this year by reconciling a total of 104 couples.