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Cooking hack: Easy tips to make soft paratha

Parathas for breakfast are always a super delicious idea. But making soft and fluffy parathas can sometimes be tricky as they require practice. Which is why we are here, to ensure that making soft parathas is no longer a task!
Food blogger Kanak Gurnani recently shared the things one should be mindful of when making parathas to get the right consistency.

Tips to make soft parathas

*The dough should be semi-soft. Knead dough using whole wheat flour, pinch of salt, one teaspoon ghee, and add water as per requirement.
*Cover and rest the dough for at least 15 minutes.
*Make paratha slightly thicker than a roti.
*Roll the paratha few times, spread ghee and tuck it. Again roll it in the shape of paratha.
*Cook on hot tawa. When you see brown spots, add ghee/oil and reduce the flame.
*Move the paratha on tawa and apply little pressure so that it cooks evenly.

How to serve and store

*Serve hot with sabzi of your choice.
*You can also store it in a casserole for a day.

You can also make stuffed parathas like aloo, gobhi, mooli, onion, or even chopped greens, using the same steps.
A foolproof way to get soft parathas is to not fry them on a low flame, which hardens them. It is also important to keep the parathas moist using a kitchen cloth.