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I won’t say anything: Omar Sani says

Actor Omar Sani on Monday went live on Facebook to reiterate his complaint against fellow actor Zayed Khan, a day after his wife popular actress Moushumi threw her weight on Zayed calling him “a very good boy.”

Appearing on the social media platform around noon Omar Sani said he won’t back away from his allegation that Zayed has been harassing her wife for some time.

The drama heightened after Moushumi on Sunday sent an audio message to the media rejecting Omar Sani’s claim, saying she adores Zayed as a good boy.

A sharp reply came from Omar Sani on Monday.

Sani said, “In my 32 years of film career no one can point a finger at me and we (he and Moushumi) have been married for last 27 years with two children. I won’t move from my allegation against Zayed Khan that I have made at the Film Artistes Association on Sunday.”

Contiuing he said “Moushumi is my wife, mother of my children and a gorgeous mother actually. I won’t say anything disrespecting her. She knows better why she said Zayed is good boy! We have all evidences against him.”

“My children Fardin and Faiza will make the matter clear to you later as my guardian. I won’t make any further comments as I don’t want any misunderstanding in my family because of some outsider,” he added.

Sani also requested the audience and journalists to not make any bad comments about Moushumi.

Moushumi’s statement

Moushumi in an audio clip sent to the media on Sunday morning said, “The allegation Omar Sani brought against Zayed about misbehaving with me is false. I adore Zayed Khan and he respects me a lot.”

“Our working relationship is quite good and he is a very good boy”, she added.

Moushumi’s mention of her husband as ‘Omar Sani Bhai (brother)’ in that audio message raised many eyebrows.

The Sani-Zayed strife

On Friday night at the wedding ceremony of actor Dipjol’s son at a convention centre in the capital Sani allegedly slapped Zayed accusing him of misbehaving with Moushumi earlier. After that, Zayed Khan took out a pistol and threatened to shoot him, said Sani.

However, both Dipjol and Zayed denied the incident.

On Sunday , Sani submitted a written complaint against Zayed over the incident and told he would also lodge a general diary against him with police.