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Why Is Modi’s Ruling Party A Concern For World Peace?

By Shofi Ahmed:


A thunderstorm doesn’t come all of a sudden. Dark clouds may not form before that but it gets dark before it storms. Thunder can come and lightning can strike before a storm. So there are signs before it strikes. Today we are eying on the world’s second most populous country. There we can see some signs that aren’t only alarming for Muslims but for the peace loving people of the world regardless of religion or colour.

It’s such a big concern, because it involves hundreds of millions of people. A huge portion of the world’s total populations. If a remarkably big portion of the world’s people are violently disturbed it’s bound to affect the rest. That’s on the number scale, quantity matters let alone other factors. We are talking about a country. Its ruling party’s spokesperson, leaders make insulting comments hurting over 200 millions of the country’s citizens of one particular faith.

Though they differ in faith, they are the people who are fellow countrymen. They have equal rights. They meant to be served equally. The government meant to share their chapatis and curries with them. With the citizens of all faiths. They are obliged to do that. That’s the reason people of all faiths elect a government. To guard their assets, honour and seize opportunities for them to prosper.

Any elected ruling party of a country is well aware of these core responsibilities of the government. No need to mention. Especially India that claims to be the largest democratically elected government in the world. Then how does its own spokesperson, leaders make insulting comments that’s against the faith of its own people amounting over 200 millions? They make derogatory comments about the prophet and his family of their fellow countrymen. Yet, makes no sincere apology. “The BJP has never been apologetic about anything,” said Mumbai-based Sayed Najeeb, the general secretary of the Association of Muslim Professionals.

When a ruling party’s officials dare to make derogatory remarks upsetting its large portion of citizens showing little to no care of their big numbers making a nation, it doesn’t happen overnight. It tells something.  It’s an early sign of worse severity that could be lying ahead. Since it involves hundreds of millions of people on both sides any deadly clash among them would be disastrous for the peace of the world. That’s why Modi and his BJP government is a matter of concern. Not only for one particular faith group, namely Muslims but for the world. For the  human rights watch groups of the world.

The US did impose a ban on Modi barring him from entering America. When he was the CM of Gujrat State and was responsible for the Muslim genocide of 2002 in the state. America reacted because he did not prevent the riots. Police were nowhere to be seen as they were told not to take any action. Hindu rioters went on a rampage killing Muslims and burning down their homes. Then Muslim politician tried to call CM Modi for help but he was not responding to the emergency. However, since he became prime minister the ban has been withdrawn. Fact is, nonetheless he became more powerful. Obviously with more power one is in a better position to complete the intended tasks.

Now he is more likely to harm minorities. Better equipped to tactfully stage a bigger genocide. Therefore the question is should the democratic world, humanitarian organisations and sound minds people ignore it? Because the victims aren’t in their same faith group. But they are human beings. It’s a basic responsibility of a human to be supportive to other humans. People are for people.  Primarily it means to be fair with everyone and if able then provide support that’s needed.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the epitome of these fundamental human virtues. It reflected in his characters, lifestyle in and out. His companions who numbered more than a hundred thousands observed him closely and thoroughly. They not only adapted his lifestyle, followed his faith and footsteps, they loved him more than their families. What’s more, it continues till today we Muslims love our prophet (PBUH) more than our families.

What it takes to love one more than one’s own, the reason has to be something more than groundbreaking. His morals , virtues, legacy and humanity surpass any other human being. Enough to justify getting to the top spot of one’s love, our love.

It’s said great minds think alike. When an innocent human being is hurt, it hurts other innocent people. When one makes insulting comments on a great human being should an innocent man sit quiet?