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Worsening floods threaten power supply in Sylhet: officials

The flood situation in Sylhet is worsening and officials are worried that the deluge may shut down the grid.

Due to the flood, Kumargaon 132/33 KV grid substation, which supplies electricity to the whole of Sylhet, is about to be shut down.

Suranjit Singh, engineer of Kumargaon 132/33 KV grid substation said, water has already entered the switchyard of the substation.

“It will not take long for water to enter the control room if it keeps raining like this. This grid substation must be shut down if water enters the control room.”

He said that the shutdown of the grid will cut off power throughout Sylhet.

Since Thursday night more areas in Sylhet have been flooded. Water is rising further in the flood-hit areas.

Meanwhile, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) has been closed till June 25 as the flood situation has worsened.

SUST authorities came up with the decision at an emergency syndicate meeting Friday morning.
Besides, army has been deployed in different areas of Sylhet to control the heavy flooding, said an ISPR release.