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Remembering Great Urdu Poet  : Iqbal Majeedi



By Mansoor Ahmad  BCA, BEM:


Each person who comes to this world must leave one day. There are some who, when they depart, leave an exceptionally large group of grieving loved ones behind. The absence of such a beloved personality certainly creates intense sorrow. Thus is the case of the recent passing of the great Urdu poet, the late Mr Iqbal Majeedi. ‘Ina Lilah e Waina Alla-e-Rajeehoon’ – We belong to Allah and to Allah we all shall return.

Iqbal Majeedi was a gifted and prolific Urdu poet who was born on the 10th June 1955 in Chittagong, which is a commercial capital and port city in Bangladesh, then East Pakistan. He was the cousin of my late father. I was fortunate enough to have known him growing up as a close member of our family.

Iqbal Majeedi earned the respect of many as a result of his honesty and integrity. He cared for his family with great affection and diligence. He was renowned for his admirable qualities of justice and courage. He was as gifted in poetic recitation as he was a poet, engaging his audiences in passionate and enjoyable displays of poetic grandeur.

Iqbal Majeedi travelled to many parts of the world to recite his poetry at Mushaira (Poetic Symposiums). He attended ‘Jashan-e-Aali Poet Symposium’, which was organised by Urdu Society Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 1990 he attended in ‘Jang e Azadi 1857’ poetry symposium held in Delhi, India. Iqbal Majeedi was honoured to join ‘Annual Poet Symposium of Sham Bahar Trust, India 1989-1990’ and International Poet Symposium held in Doha, Qatar in 1995. He was honoured to recite his poems three times in Dubai and three times in Qatar.

Iqbal Majeedi was awarded ‘The ‘Passionate Poet’ Award presented by ILO Educators Course and ‘Solidarity Award’ at Clyde Cameron College in 1994 in Australia.

Iqbal Majeedi visited USA in 2001 in a Mushaira, and also attended many Mushairas in India. In 1997 he went to Malaysia to attend a seminar and recite his poetry. This was a selected gathering which was attended by about 150 participants in a hall. The symposium which he attended in the US was especially significant. He was invited and presented, air ticket, honorarium. The terms and conditions of this symposium was that poets must render poems with reference to Pakistan. This was attended by high officials, dignitaries, and ambassadors. He rendered such a great poem that it was telecast every Sunday on PTV in the name Pakistan Zindabad.

Iqbal Majeedi was a simple and pious man, with a special relationship with God Almighty. He always remained patient and unaffected by the negative attitudes of others. He possessed many admirable qualities which he imparted to his family. He was always smiling and made others smile. He served his parents with great responsibility. He was a humble man dedicated to the service of mankind. He was honest and thus earned great respect amongst his peers.

Iqbal Majeedi earned his Master’s Degree in Urdu from Karachi University in 1985. He was honoured with the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters Award ‘National Milli Naghmas’ in 2007 on the occasion of the 60th Independence Celebration.

Iqbal Majeedi was the son of the leading Urdu poet Mubarak Ahmad Mungeri, and the grandson of Maulvi Abdul Majeed. He possessed great love and reverence of his family. His father, who was the author of several poetry collections, including Sehra Say Gulistan Tak, Boojho to Janey, and Sailab-i-Khoon based on the bloodshed in Dhaka (1970-71), had suffered the pain of two migrations — from India to East Pakistan and then to Karachi. Every year Iqbal Majeedi used to organise a poetic symposium on the occasion of his father’s death anniversary in which he would invite authors, poets, friends & relatives.

Iqbal Majeedi passed away on the 25th May 2022, in London, UK at the age of 66. He was laid to rest in Merton & Sutton Joint Cemetery. His death shall be mourned and grieved by his admirers all over the world. He has left behind his wife, two daughters & one son, and many relatives.  May Allah the Almighty elevate his status in Paradise and rank him amongst His beloved, accepting his prayers and goo wishes for his children. Ameen.