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Afraid of your kids getting addicted to online games?

Are you afraid of your kids getting addicted to games? Then this article is just for you as it might change your perspective on online gaming.

While playing games is considered as an open call to Mental Health Disorder, it might be totally the reverse case.
In an interview, Abhinav Anand, CTO and Co-Founder of Quizbee, shared, “Online gaming has always been perceived as a form of entertainment but with the evolution of the tech industry, it is now regarded as a tool of learning. Earlier, learning and games were on a parallel track but today, game-based learning paints an entirely different scene altogether. Online educational gaming platform now is an effective way of learning because of their GBL Technique.”

Game-based learning has become a method of teaching where they are used to establish and achieve learning targets, which includes engaging youngsters in a fun learning environment through instructive games as well as offering instant rewards. Abhinav Anand gushed, “It can also help children improve their creativity and multi-tasking skills as well as enhance strategic thinking if proper direction and guidance are received from parents and teachers.

However, Abhinav Anand cautioned, “Every element has its own positives and negatives and online gaming has its fair share of the same. Players need to make sure they don’t get addicted to gaming and are able to control the amount of time they spend as too much screen time is not good for health and eyes. People have begun to recognize the benefits of online gaming platforms and no longer regard them as a waste of time. This is bringing online gaming in a positive light and just needs a little more awareness among people and as long as players are playing with positive limitations they are going to become more knowledgeable and fast thinkers.”

Source: Hindustan Times