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Padma Bridge opens, hundreds of vehicles waiting to cross

Vehicular movement on the Padma Bridge, connecting the capital with 21 south-western districts of the country, started from 6 am on Sunday.

All kinds of vehicles, except cycle and three-wheeler, are crossing the bridge in a systematic manner paying the government’s fixed toll.

Meanwhile, hundreds of vehicles were seen waiting at Mawa point from 8 am to cross the bridge. A huge tailback was created on both sides of the bridge.

So far, five booths are being used to collect tolls.

The pressure of south-bound vehicles is high.

According to the Road Transport and Bridges Ministry, it is not possible to drive at a speed of more than 60 km on the Padma bridge.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the 6.15-km bridge on Saturday.

The head of the government paid Tk 16,400 as toll for all the cars in her motorcade including Tk 750 for her own car.

According to a gazette notification, small-size bus will have to pay Tk 1,400, medium-size bus 2,000 and big bus Tk 2,400, while small truck will have to pay Tk 1,600, medium size bus Tk 2,100-Tk 2,800 and large truck Tk 5,500. Pick-up toll has been fixed Tk 1,200.

On the other hand, motorcycle will have to pay Tk 100, a private car Tk 750, a microbus Tk 1,300 as toll to cross the bridge.