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Memorandum to the Foreign Minister to stop the harassment of expatriates

Matiar Chowdhury:


The expatriates scattered in different countries have sought the direct intervention of the Foreign Minister to stop the harassment of the expatriates and ensure the safety of the lives and property of the expatriates in the country. On Monday morning, 26 June, the expatriate leaders Ansar Ahmed Ullah, Chair of Amra Sylhetbashi & vice-chair of the organisation Matiar Chowdhury met Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dr. A.K. Abdul Momen in London and handed over a memorandum.

At the meeting with the Foreign Minister on behalf of the people of Sylhet, the expatriate leaders raised various issues of the expatriates. The expatriate leaders said that land-grabbing cliques all over the country, including Sylhet, and Dhaka, are forcefully and using fraudulent papers are taking over land and property belonging to ex-pats. As a result, many are unable to go to the country or even if they go, they are forced to return. They also fall victim to bribery and the tyranny of local brokers.

The Foreign Minister assured the expatriates that he was aware of the issues and would take steps to rectify the situation. The Foreign Minister immediately informed the Law Minister to look into the matter too.

The Foreign Minister said that the Hon’ble Prime Minister is very sincere about the expatriates. The memorandum was signed by journalist Matiar Chowdhury, human rights activist Ansar Ahmed Ullah, former councillor Nooruddin Ahmed, chairperson of Biswabangla Foundation Shah Mustafizur Rahman Belal, Secretary of the organisation Dr. Anisur Rahman Anis and Joint Secretary, youth leader Jamal Ahmed Khan. Bangladesh High Commission Minister (Press) Ashequn Nabi Chowdhury and Kayes Chowdhury were also present at the meeting.